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2 Great Traditional Movement Songs: Wheels on the Bus and Jumping

Here are 5 great Preschool Activity Songs for Kids that you provide a great way for parents, teachers, and early childhood professionals to connect with kids, interact with kids, and provide them with fun and playful learning experiences. All these songs have Instructional and song demonstration videos that you can...Read More »

3 Reasons Why Silent Night Became So Popular

You can now watch our YouTube Instruction video on How-to-sign, using ASL, “Silent Night.”  Once you have learned the signs then you can sing and sign along to “Silent Night” either with our We Play Along YouTube song, or...Read More »

Humpty Dumpty ASL Song | Nursery Rhyme for Kids

Humpty Dumpty is a classic Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme.  Watch our version of the Humpty Dumpty ASL song as we have combined American Sign Language with this kid’s song.

Our goal is always to empower parents, teachers, and early childhood professionals and caregivers with great interactive songs for...Read More »

ASL Kids Songs Support Learning

ASL Children’s songs are a powerful memorization and recall tool

Interactive children’s songs have been a key way for children to learn and remember core educational concepts.  ASL children’s song support the learning of these concepts like their ABCs, numbers, rhymes, animals, and build lots of usable vocabulary.  Think about the...Read More »

Phonics Instruction supported by American Sign Language and Songs

Combining ASL and songs is a powerful memorization and recall tool

Signing A

Reading readiness and future decoding skills supporting a child’s education from preschool through college is enhanced by learning key phonics rules.  Research has shown that phonics instruction:

Alphabet Phonics Song Featuring ASL, the Alphabet and Objects

Letters of the Alphabet Object Song version 1 is a phonics songs featured on our channel that supports the connection of each letter to the 1st letter sound of an object.  It is an important concept for children to learn for phonemic awareness and to strengthen reading skills.

We also offer...Read More »

America the Beautiful

How to sign America The Beautiful with American Sign Language, ASL

America The Beautiful is a classic American patriotic song.  The music was composed by Samuel A. Ward, the lyrics were added by Katharine Lee Bates, and it song came out in the early 1900’s.  America The Beautiful is one of...Read More »

Baby Sign Language – Learn key ASL baby signs to use with your baby for early communication.

Baby sign language has become a well-known way to enhance early communication between babies and their parents and caregivers.  ASL Baby signs will help you communicate with your baby long before he or she can speak.  Learn these three key ASL baby signs, EAT, MORE, and ALL DONE, by watching...Read More »

ASL songs are easy to sign and fun for all ages of children

Children’s animal Songs are an ideal way to start.

Over the years, I’ve heard so many protests about singing songs with children.  Things like, “But my voice isn’t great,” or “I don’t know how to sing,” have been repeated over and over.  The reality is that it doesn’t matter.  Your children...Read More »

One, Two Buckle My Shoe with American Sign Language

ASL Songs are fun activity songs for children

For over 30 years I’ve been incorporating ASL songs or American Sign Language songs into all my programs for children and lectures to parents and teachers.  I have found that adding ASL to songs is a very fun way to involve...Read More »

Jacob Wore a Red Hat – An ASL Color Song

We recently posted a fun color song for children.  It is based on a traditional song and is called Jacob Wore a Red Hat.  I wrote this 1st verse based on the name of my oldest grandson.  This children’s color song is simple, repetitive, and teaches American Sign Language...Read More »

We Play Along Features American Sign Language, ASL Songs and Activities with Instruction

We Play Along is our YouTube Channel that offers proven new and traditional kids songs for parents, teachers, early childhood professionals and caregivers to learn and use with children.  That is why every kid’s song presented here has an instructional segment where we teach you how to sign,...Read More »

What is Good Children’s Music?

Over the course of the first 5 or so years of performing hundreds of children’s and family children’s music shows I developed a concept for what I believed to be good children’s music.  I’ve discussed this with many children’s music artists over the years and found many agree...Read More »

ASL and Activity Songs for Children – A powerful way to learn.

In my 30’s I decided to begin performing children’s music concerts for family audiences. Georgia and I performed with our friends Terry Tiritilli and Clare Carnegie in a children’s band called K.C. & Company.  A couple of things happened at that time that influenced the direction of children’s...Read More »

My Beginnings as a Kid’s Song Performer

I first began performing kid’s songs when I was in College at about 19 or 20 years old. It was fun and I did it for a friend who was running an after-school kids’ program at a local community center. I would make up kid’s songs at each program as...Read More »

We Play Along Children’s Activity Songs – How it all began

Georgia and I have always included musical activities, traditional children’s songs, and Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes as part of our life with our children from the time they were born. When our children were young, Georgia and I would make up songs for them. These were silly songs...Read More »