2 Great Traditional Movement Songs: Wheels on the Bus and Jumping

Here are 5 great Preschool Activity Songs for Kids that you provide a great way for parents, teachers, and early childhood professionals to connect with kids, interact with kids, and provide them with fun and playful learning experiences. All these songs have Instructional and song demonstration videos that you can find on our We Play Along YouTube Channel. The videos will help you to understand and be more effective at presenting and engaging in music and movement songs for preschoolers.


wheels on the bus1. “The Wheels on the Bus” is a great preschool activity song. Kids love to move and sing along to this classic American folk song. Our version of “The Wheels on the Bus” features American Sign Language, ASL as the action used while singing this song. This allows preschoolers to play and learn vocabulary to American Sign Language. Our We Play Along YouTube channel offers you the ASL Instruction for “The Wheels on the Bus” as well as the ASL song demonstration.


1. Another wonderful preschool activity song is “Jumping”and you can find both our Instruction segment as well as the song demonstration for this highly engaging freeze song for kids. This song is a great way to get the wiggles out of preschoolers as you can have them jumping, hopping, dancing, wiggling, stomping, clapping and much more.


“Jumping”features a very effective American Sign Language sign – STOP. In this song STOP is used to FREEZE the actions your kids are doing and regain control of all the activities you will have your them engaging in.




[ chop one hand into the other saying stop at the same time. Facial expression is important to this sign. Have your face demonstrate a simple stop or a stop right now look]


Another benefit of this song is that preschoolers will learn the meaning and use of the word STOP and you can use the word and sign over and over as needed during the course of any day.


Preschool activity songs provide teachers and early childhood professionals with a great way to disperse pent up energy as well as to offer songs that offer a wide variety of learning opportunities. Read more about the BENEFITS of preschool action songs.


1. A Sailor Went to Sea is a great full body preschool activity song. It is a great song to practice memorization and sequencing as well as a great motor skill practice song. It has been a classic American Camp Song as well as a kids song sung by Boy and Girl Scout organizations. You can learn the actions by visiting the Instruction segment for this song found on our We Play Along YouTube Channel and the sing and move along to our version of the song A Sailor Went to Sea.


History behind the preschool action song called“Jumping” by Ken Frawley


I wrote this song January 22, 2003. I’ve been keeping a journal of my songs with the lyrics and my thought process for writing this song. In my journal I wrote that this song came about as I watched a preschool mommy and me class where they were doing actions and using the ASL word STOP to get everything to stop.