Alphabet Phonics Song Featuring ASL, the Alphabet and Objects

Letters of the Alphabet Object Song version 1 is a phonics songs featured on our channel that supports the connection of each letter to the 1st letter sound of an object.  It is an important concept for children to learn for phonemic awareness and to strengthen reading skills.

We also offer a clear instructional segment for how to sign, using American Sign Language, this ASL phonics song where you can learn how the song is signed.  This song was written by a friend of mine as well as one of the finest children’s song writers in the country, Dave Kinnoin.  See more about him at

In the Letters of The Letters of the Alphabet Object Song version 1 you will only be signing the letters for the letter of the alphabet as well as each word featured.  So, letter D will be signed for D as well as for Dog.  This phonics song really lends itself to creativity.  We always encourage you to foster creativity with children’s songs.  That is, we want you to take our song and have your children create their own verses with their own objects.  Change A apple to ape or ant or alligator, or B ball to balloon, or bear, or baseball, and so on.

Once you have the concept of this phonics song down you can do the same thing with the 1st letters of the ASL song The Animals of The Alphabet . Information on this and lots of additional phonics songs can found on our website under Signed Phonics.