Baby Sign Language – Learn key ASL baby signs to use with your baby for early communication.

Baby sign language has become a well-known way to enhance early communication between babies and their parents and caregivers.  ASL Baby signs will help you communicate with your baby long before he or she can speak.  Learn these three key ASL baby signs, EAT, MORE, and ALL DONE, by watching our 1st Three Baby Signs posted on our We Play Along YouTube Channel.

In our view, to teach baby signs to babies has the first goal of providing the signs that will allow them to communicate their wants and needs.  EAT is a great baby sign to let you know they are hungry.  MORE is a baby sign that can be used not only at meals but at many other times of the day.  “Do you want to read MORE books?” or “MORE hugs,” or “MORE kisses,” or “MORE” of just about anything you can think of.   ALL DONE is another baby sign that lets you know when your baby is finished.  Finished with food, or an ALL DONE activity, or ALL DONE being in the stroller, or, like more, ALL DONE with anything else. 

All Done

When you teach baby sign language to your baby, start with these three signs and use them every time you say the word.  Babies vary at when they begin to sign back.  We have been told of children as early as 8 months signing back and as late as 14 months signing back.  So keep it up and baby signs will ultimately allow your baby to talk to you with their hands many months before they can say the word.

You can download our 12 baby signs chart link that you can post on your refrigerator.  Use these signs every day and you will enhance early communication with your baby. 

You can download our FREE pdf chapter called “Jump Start” baby signs from our award winning book Sign to Speak Babies Can Talk.