One, Two Buckle My Shoe with American Sign Language

ASL Songs are fun activity songs for children

For over 30 years I’ve been incorporating ASL songs or American Sign Language songs into all my programs for children and lectures to parents and teachers.  I have found that adding ASL to songs is a very fun way to involve everyone in a children’s song where they get to sing and move at the same time.  ASL songs are a simple way to make any song an activity song.  Visit our We Play Along YouTube Channel and see just how easy it is to sing and sign ASL children’s songs.  For example, watch our easy to sign instruction video for One, Two Buckle My Shoe

Once you have learned the signs from our instruction video for One, Two Buckle My Shoe, you’ll be ready to sing and sign this wonderful nursery rhyme ASL song with children.  You can also use the signs from this song, like shoe, shut the door, or any other sign as a silent way to communicate, that for children often seems like a “secret code”.   So enjoy singing and signing this children’s ASL song called One, Two Buckle My Shoe 

To create your own ASL song, there are sites like where you can watch and learn to sign American Sign Language words, letters, and numbers with your hands.  Find the signs for the words you want to sign in the song (remember that you don’t sign every word, just key words and choose the number and type of sign that is age appropriate for you children). Then use these words to create an ASL song for children.  You can also find American Sign Language dictionaries on Amazon or at a local book store or library to help you with the signs to use in your ASL song.

We created our children’s song book called Play-Along Songs – Children’s Songs to Sign Volume 3 that features over 30 songs that you can use to sing and sign with children of all ages.  We offer ASL baby songs, ASL preschool songs, and ASL children’s songs.  All our ASL songs come with a photo depiction of the ASL signs and instructions for presenting the song.  We also support all our songs with a video demonstration that is available online.

With these resources, you can now sing and sign fun and participatory children’s songs that help develop fine and gross motor skills, support the learning of core concepts, expand usable vocabulary, and foster an appreciation for music.