We Play Along Features American Sign Language, ASL Songs and Activities with Instruction

We Play Along is our YouTube Channel that offers proven new and traditional kids songs for parents, teachers, early childhood professionals and caregivers to learn and use with children.  That is why every kid’s song presented here has an instructional segment where we teach you how to sign, using American Sign Language, or perform the activity that will be occurring in the song.

Every ASL song we feature is an easy sign language song and is fun to learn and use with kids. Most of our demonstrations show you all the signs used in the kid’s song however, you can use as many or as few as you wish or are comfortable in using.  It’s not the quantity, it’s the interaction and engagement that is important.  Even if you start with a few signs you can add more as you and your kids become more proficient.  You might find How to Teach ASL Songs informative.

We offer fun kid’s ASL songs for babies like I See a Bunny or kid’s ASL songs for toddlers Stop, Look, and Listen kids Asl songs for preschoolers like Five Little Monkeys and even kids ASL songs that elementary school children enjoy, learn from and challenged by like The Animals of the Alphabet.